"More and Better EU Aid Volunteers"

“More and Better EU Aid Volunteers: enhancing technical capacity of European organisations and improving opportunities for EU citizens to participate in humanitarian aid actions” (MOREAUV) is EU Aid Volunteers Programme Technical Assistance project. Ten partners from EU countries are involved in this 24 months project. Applicant organization is GRUPPO DI VOLONTARIATO CIVILE (GVC) from Italy.

The action aims to strengthen capacities of sending and future sending organisations about Humanitarian Aid actions, EU Aid Volunteers Initiative and standards and procedures to become a sending organisation. Project’s specific objectives are the following:

1) Inform and engage in EU Aid Volunteers initiative 3 EU platforms and at least 38 organizations.
2) Strengthen the capacities of 38 organizations in Humanitarian Action and EU Aid Volunteers Initiative.
3) Enhance interactivity and tailored learning and build collaboration, teamwork. The action is designed for guaranteeing a pan-European approach combining the work at MS level with EU level, operating in a wide geographical scheme (9 EU countries).

The project will have a double impact: 1) in 3 EU platforms having more than 80 member organizations and 6 CSOs directly involved in the action in 9 EU MS; 2) 5000 European citizens which will be reached by the communication and dissemination actions activities.

The outputs and results are the following:

SO1: A1. Kick off meeting with partners; A2-A7. Mapping and motivating organisations A3. E-learning training.

SO2: A1. International residential training of trainers with 18 experts; A2-A10. 9 national trainings.

SO3: A1. Up-skilling toolkit developed in previous Capacity Building project; A2-A8. 7 exchanges of staff between certified sending organizations and prospecting certified partners; A3. Final conference and meeting.

Communication/dissemination activities: university talks, videos production, conference, material production. Specific focus on social media is foreseen. This strategy will be launched by all project partners at national and EU level. Key communication messages will be based on “We care, we act” and “You can make a difference”, compatibly with social and cultural norms. Target audience will be prospecting CSOs participating to EUAV Program, media and key stakeholders.

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