"Social integration of migrant women and children through dialogue of cultures"

“Social integration of migrant women and children through dialogue of cultures – coordination of efforts of NGOs in the Nordic countries, Baltic Sea Region countries and Northwest Russia in the field of prevention of interethnic tension” project aims at establishing a network of NGOs of the Nordic countries, the Baltic Sea Region countries and Russia for exchanging experience and introducing best practices in social and cultural adaptation of migrants, primarily women and children.

Sustainable relations between the NGOs of five countries (Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Russian Federation) will be established, thanks to which the experience of Nordic countries and Baltic Sea Region countries in the field of adaptation of migrants through development of interethnic relations will be studied and implemented in two regions of Russia - St. Petersburg and the Republic of Karelia.

At least 20 NGOs, 1500 children and migrant women will be engaged in the project activities.

The capacity of Russian NGOs will be strengthened, information and methodological materials based on the experience of the Nordic countries will be developed and disseminated.

Coordinator of the project is Copenhagen by Verdens kvinder i Danmark - The Association of the women of the world.

Project activities include study visit to Copenhagen on January 22-25, 2019, to Tallinn on June 3-5, 2019 and final conference in St. Petersburg on September 27, 2019.

Contacts:    &nbnbsp;                Kärberi 33-76, 13919 Tallinn, Estonia                    tel:  +372 6 355 697                    e-mail:                   
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