“Tools and Games against cyberbullying”

“Tools and Games against cyberbullying” is two-years Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships for adult education, Exchanges of Practices (2017-2019). Project is based on an international cooperation of involved five organizations from different areas of education and their experience with target group of people in danger of cyberbullying. Coordinator of the project is Rizika internetu a komunikacních technologii (Czech Republic).

The project aims to create battery educational methods and outputs through international meetings and exchange of knowledge and experience, such as videos, comics, brochures, games, workshops, simulation strategy, posters, etc., that will lead to the prevention of dangerous phenomena internet violence, focusing on cyberbullying.

The project will work on innovation and development of a number of relevant outcomes applicable in every EU country. The dissemination of material will be substantiated by the project webpage, partner network, practical adult education and will offer an option to download all project outputs to everyone interested, as well. The website will be in the languages of all partners, including English. The added value to the project is the connection of organizations working with youth through the actual topic, which despite of its risk is not publicized enough nor sufficiently.

The purpose of the project is to share experience in adult education, processes and procedures of all involved organizations, including internationalization of partners. Specific objectives include testing and developing the project outputs, introducing elements into their adult education, including the necessary dissemination. Irrevocably, will dispense an impulse through international meetings to project participants for their work activation, motivation, self-development, to combat burnout and a new working vigor. Since the methods of cyberbullying and risks of the Internet are evolving rapidly, the prevention must be adjusted accordingly.

This project responds to the aims of Europe 2020 and Education and training (ET 2020) strategies.

This project has been founded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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