Incubator for young people

It is Erasmus+ strategic partnership project (2020-2-CZ01-KA205-078643) which starts on 01.01. 2021 and ends on 31.08. 2023. The project is designed by youth workers from Czech Republic, Estonian, Poland and Slovakia on basement of community projects in every country with the aim to empower young people by helping them to create and realize own projects.

The project aims are:
- to develop local youth system and help young people to develop own projects and implement them in their community;
- to develop entrepreneurship competences among young people and give them tools to create own future in their countries;
- to aid significantly individual participants and partners’ capacity, expertise and knowledge;
- to share best practices between partners and through active dissemination with a wider audience.

The aims will be achieved through 4 short-term training events and 5 transnational meetings attended by all partners, where the hosts will share their work, experience of local stakeholders in the fields and youth work.

80 participants in total will be chosen by each organisation to participate in this project. Young people from partners’ localities will benefit from enhanced provision resulting from piloting and mainstreaming new methodologies learned from the engagement, sharing and learning with partners. Local communities will benefit from piloting community projects and youth work from new system that support young people to be involved in community life.

1). Study visits will help to share and present good examples of young people involvement to community life, create and give the tools which helps to create new projects. Visits will give the impulsion and the necessary knowledge to the participants.
2). Three months of online work in order to develop international communication between youth to develop local community projects. During this period, the different teams will work together online thanks to different ways of communication. There will be meeting in the country of implementation for the presentation of tools, best practices and piloting community project.
3). Transnational meetings to discuss creation and publication of “Good Practices Guide” online and different project issues.
4). Implementation by the local communities local projects with assistance of participants.

Online conference of evaluation will be organised in order to analyse the realization of the different local projects, to exchange results and discuss the impacts on the community.

Dissemination to raise awareness of the project will be continuously done throughout the project, as well evaluation / monitoring to ensure and maximize learning outcomes.

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This document has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of the project partners and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

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