Positive digital parenting

“Positive digital parenting” (PDP) is Erasmus+ strategic partnership project.


- To empower parents with media literacy knowledge and tools to foster critical thinking skills in their children when interacting with digital media: analyzing online content, recognizing biases, identifying misinformation, and making informed decisions in the digital environment. By combining critical thinking with media literacy, parents can better prepare their children to navigate the digital world responsibly and discerningly.

- To empower adult educators and trainers with the expertise required to educate parents effectively in the realms of digital and media literacy, competences by developing learning resources and innovative tools using non-formal education.


The project aims to support parents in becoming effective educators for their children in the digital environment. The project recognizes that parents play a crucial role in teaching children about digital skills, media literacy, and online safety. By addressing the gap in media literacy education for parents, the project intends to achieve the following results:
· PDP FAMILY LEARNING TOOLKIT. This toolkit will provide age-appropriate learning materials for family members of different age groups. It will likely include resources, guides, and activities that parents and children can engage in together to enhance their understanding of digital media, online safety, and responsible internet usage.
· Project Website. The project will have its own dedicated website that will serve as a central hub for sharing information, resources, updates, & progress related to the project's goals & activities. It will likely be a platform for parents, educators,& other stakeholders to access valuable information and materials.
· PDP In-service Training Programme for Adult Educators. This training program will focus on equipping adult educators & trainers with the necessary skills & knowledge to effectively educate parents about digital & media literacy. Educators working in the field of adult education will gain insights into best practices for teaching parents how to navigate the digital world & guide their children's online experiences


Asociacija IVAIGO (Lithuania) - coordinator

Eesti People to People (Estonia)

Incirliova Genclik Kultur Sanat ve Gelisim Dernegi (Türkiye)

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