Entrepreneurship skills as path to efficient inclusion in the societ

Entrepreneurship skills as path to efficient inclusion in the society Erasmus+ strategic partnership project (2021-1-PL01-KA220-YOU-000028596) supported reconstruction of Europe affected by COVID-19 by initiating, motivating and coaching new business started by young people, particularly for youth with fewer opportunities.

Partners from Poland, Estonia, France, Italy and the Netherlands choose inclusion and diversity as horizontal priority because had focus on young people with health problems, disabilities, social and economical obstacles, they were final beneficiaries. Trained youth workers helped them to promote sense of initiative and youth entrepreneurship includion social entrepreneurship what is one of the priorities of Erasmus+ Programme in youth sector.

Partners supported young people and youth workers with new materials and create E-Handbook "Entrepreneurship skills as path to efficient inclusion in the society" for daily work with the aim to motivate and train youth to work in virtual environment. Partners create also Guide-book about the possibilities to develop a start-up and own business, mostly in digital environment. Both project results include good practices and new materials and tools created by partners.

Partners organised training for youth workers and provide them with methods and tools using non-formal education methods and experiential learning with focus on the development of entrepreneurial skills. This stimulated learning process of youth workers who train potential entrepreneurs in their communities and support them to develop their full potential as entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

Project strengthen the synergies between both educational fields - formal and non-formal - in fostering innovation, new skills, a sense of initiative and entrepreneurial mind-sets, competences and skills which can involve and/or lead to the launch of new services, products and prototypes, and the creation of start-ups and spin-offs.

Objectives are:

* collecting and creating innovative materials about entrepreneurship and empowering by them youth workers and young people;
* improving the entrepreneurial and innovative capacities of young people in partner countries;
* raising the capacity of organisations working with young people outside formal learning;
* improving the capacity of the youth sector to work transnationally with care of inclusiveness, solidarity and sustainability;
* enhance synergies and complementarities with formal and nonformal education systems.

Project activities are:

four transnational meetings for project management and exchange of good practices;
local meetings and activities for testing project results;
one international training course for youth workers;
creation of learning materials for E-Handbook and Guide-book;
monitoring and evaluation process;
dissemination of project information and results;
multiplier events in all project partners' countries.

Project E-Handbook in English

Project E-Handbook in Estonian

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