LINKS: Development of the Digital Sovereignty Competences of Youth Workers

“LINKS: Development of the Digital Sovereignty Competences of Youth Workers” (2021-2-DK01-KA220-YOU-000050308) is Erasmus+ strategic partnership project. It will directly and actively support youth workers develop and enhance their digital sovereignty and digital security skills and competences which servers a two-fold purpose.

Digital sovereignty is a new concept in the digital era suggesting that parties should have sovereignty over their own digital data. On an individual level, digital sovereignty demonstrates the capacity of individuals to own their personal data and control their use. Personal data is the new crude asset for which a complex ecosystem has been established to collect, analyze and trade its value.


When it comes to youth workers and their activities, the aspects of digital sovereignty and data / privacy protection become of even higher importance. Due to the very nature of their work, youth workers have access and/or process data and sensitive personal information such as medical details, emergency contact names, numbers for health administration, etc. Therefore, supporting youth workers in becoming sovereign of their digital data serves a two-fold purpose:

On an individual level, youth workers will improve and enhance their knowledge and the available tools that will help them control and evaluate the use of their and others’ personal digital data

On a societal level, through the increased digital sovereignty of youth workers, digital data of organizations, NGOs and of various groups that are supported by these organizations (migrants, refugees, unemployed youth, etc.) will be well protected and ensured against misuse and/or cyber-attacks.

The impact of the project

- Management of personal development and comprehensive skills.
- Personal and professional growth.
- Interest in broader issues and concerns related to digital security at national and European level.
- Awareness and understanding of digital skills.
- Training through educational modules.
- Achieving European key competences.


LINKS project’s tangible results will be:
- A newly established framework of the necessary digital sovereignty and digital security skills and competences for youth workers and other individuals.
- An innovative training material on Digital Sovereignty Competences.
- A digital / online board game for promoting youth workers’ digital sovereignty skills and competences.
- An online platform including all aforementioned tools and materials and ensuring a high level of accessibility and transferability of the project’s outputs and outcomes.

Moreover, LINKS project is expected to have significant intangible results:
- Increased capacity of youth workers for ensuring the protection of their and others’ personal digital data.
- Increased self-awareness and critical thinking relating to the use of digital devices and the forms of digital communication.
- Understanding and awareness of the effective application of digital security measures in day-to-day work and specific situations.
- Youth workers’ personal development management and transversal skills.
- Youth workers’ personal empowerment and independence.
- Self-reflection and ownership of personal and professional development.
- Interest in wider digital security issues and concerns at national and European level.
- Awareness and understanding of digital competences.
- Understanding of the problem-solving process which can be applied to digital security concerns and queries.
- Knowledge of the causes and effects of digital security cause, effects and consequences at local, regional, national and European level.
- Increased concern for digital security issues.
- Confidence to be able to challenge and actively address potential digital security threats;
- Attainment across education modules.
- Attainment of European key competences.


com and train (Denmark) - coordinator
Mednarodni institut za implementacijo trajnostnega razvoja (Slovenia)
Petit Pas aps (Italy)
Eurospeak Limited (Ireland)
Gestión Estratégica e Innovación SL (Spain)

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