Read the city: cultural integration of adult learners with special needs

"Read the city: cultural integration of adult learners with special needs" Erasmus+ strategic partnership project (2021-2023) aims to collect good practices in creative urban education. Partners discussed the needs of own organisations, experience and possibilities of future cooperation and decided that the call of European Commission for ‘partnerships for creativity’ will support activities in adult education. The call aims to develop skills and competences that encourage creativity and boost quality and innovation what is relevant to partners' needs.

Partners are interested to link education and training with those in the cultural and creative sectors and because of that involve number of associated partners to this project. This will enrich experiences of partners' organisations on local level and then these experiences will be transferred to other project partners organisations.

Partners expressed needs to develop teaching-learning materials for urban education which suit to new reality and can be used in situation of COVID-19 in different cities by different target groups. Need analyses showed that partners are looking for new networks for the national, international, intercultural and intergenerational cooperation, interaction between different stakeholders in adult education. Project will provide an opportunity for networking through five transnational meetings, local workshops with involvement of associated partners and online cooperation.

The general objective of the project is to enhance the quality and relevance of the learning offer in adult education by developing new and innovative approaches in urban education and to support the dissemination of good practices. Project will increase incentives for adult training, by providing information on access to lifelong learning to people with fewer opportunities.

The specific objectives of the project are:
* to enhance the quality and relevance of the learning offer in adult education and training by developing creative and innovative approaches and supporting the dissemination of good practices in urban education;
* to enhance the professional development of those working and active in the adult education and training by increasing the quality and range of initial and continuing training, including IT-based methodologies;
* to enhance involvement of people with fewer opportunities to adult urban education;
* to develop creative skills and learn more about the cities and culture in own and in other countries;
* to enhance the commitment of local and regional public authorities in the qualitative development of the education and training;
* to improve the capacities of organisations active in the fields of adult education and training, notably in the areas of organisational management, leadership and internationalization;
* to present the cultural characteristics of the cities and towns in participating countries;
* to exchange information and knowledge, regarding the cultural specificity of different European regions;
* to contribute to increasing the awareness about the cultural diversity in Europe, creating tolerance, mutual understanding and improving the ability to work in multicultural environment.

The main project approach is targeted through non-formal learning methods, which aim at enhancing the creativity skills and competences of adult educators and final beneficiaries - adult learners - who are the main target groups in this project. The first target group of the project consists of staff members of partners' organisations and educators who work in adult education - teachers, tutors, mentors, social workers involved in lifelong learning in partners' organisations. The second group consists of adult learners, including people with special needs and fewer opportunities. There will be also associated partners involved in project and few target groups in dissemination activities - more than 100 participants will be involved directly and about 1000 indirectly during dissemination and follow-up activities.

The main results of this project will be competences of staff members, educators, trainers and learners in urban education. The main tangible result will be E-Book with collection of good practices. These results will have strong impact on participants of this project and have long term impact for all involved: educators, learners, partners' and other organisations who will benefit from new competences and teaching/learning materials.

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