Special parents – special kids – equal treatment

This Erasmus+ strategic partnership project (2019-2021) has been developed expressly to respond to the information needs of parents - those who have just learned their child has special needs and those who have lived with this reality for some time but who have reached a transition point where they need new information or renewed support.

The project is intended as a source of information and reference for parents who have a child with special needs. The intended and most important message of the stakeholders for the parents of children with special needs is making them feel that 'THEY ARE NOT ALONE!'

The main aim of project is the promotion of psycho-social adjustment and to raise the quality of life of the families with children who are at risk of development or disabled by guiding, counseling and training services through ensuring active participation in the education of their children. We think that children benefit most from their education when parents and professionals work together as partners.

The consortium of the project consists of six organisations from Cyprus, Estonia, Italy, Russia, the United Kingdom and Romania.

Our target group is the parents of children with special needs. Each country will work with at least 40 parents (total 240) during the project lifetime. 60 participants will be the people with fewer opportunities.

Project Methodology

Six Work Packages (WP) will be implemented during the project lifetime:

WP1: Management (UK).

WP2: Research and Development (Russia).

WP3: Development of Open Educational Resources (Estonia).

WP4: Monitoring and Evaluation (Italy).

WP5: Testing and Validation (Romania).

WP6: Dissemination (Cyprus).

Project outputs

O1: Pedagogical e-Guide for Parents of Children with Special Needs.

O2: Mobile Phone Application.

Project Multipliers: E1: Seminar (UK), E2: Seminar (Estonia), E3: Seminar (Russia), E4: Seminar (Romania), E5: Seminar (Cyprus), E6: Seminar (Italy).

Teaching/Learning/Training Events

1) Short-term joint staff training events.

2) Blended mobility of adult learners.

Envisaged impact of the project

Parents of children with SEN and people and organisations working for these parents will have access to a new innovative tools “Pedagogical e-Guide” and Mobile-Phone Application which contribute to improve their personal skills and self-confidence.

Long-term benefits of the project

In the future, we will have more informed, talented and more social parents of children with SEN, contributing for a healthier European society.

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