Revitalisation of forgotten traditions: cultural heritage in modern screen print

"Revitalisation of forgotten traditions: cultural heritage in modern screen print" Erasmus+ strategic partnership project aims at extending and developing educator's competences what is one of priorities of adult education. The project is relevant to horizontal priorities of Erasmus+ Programme because it will focus on development of high-quality skills and competences, social and educational value of European cultural heritage.

This project is focused on the exchange of good practice in the field of traditional motifs: folk ornaments, traditional patterns, handbags decorated in original way which are highly appreciate by the customers. By using ornaments, participants of project activities will acquire an ability to incorporate European cultures into own designs.

The consortium of four partners from Portugal, Estonia, France and Latvia wants to share innovative approaches between each other, to teach/train educators, so they can teach adult learners, support them and disseminate best practices. The consortium will share information about different challenges in project partner's countries and different tools to overcome them. The exchange of best practices and different techniques of teaching and learning in formal, non-formal and informal education is relevant to pursuing learning- by-doing methods, reinventing ourselves not only as a person, but also as a group. Partners plan to learn the art to live together through respective differences and attitudes. This proposal is based on adequate needs analysis carried out by all partners before they joined this project proposal. All project partners analysed needs of their learners and staff members.

The specific objectives are:
1) to support professional education of staff members from partner's organisations;
2) to increase capacity of partner's organisations as providers of adult education;
3) to exchange good practices and develop strategic partnership between project partners.

There will be staff members and educators from partner's organisations involved in transnational project meetings in France, Estonia and Portugal and short-term joint staff training events in Portugal and Latvia. The participants of local activities will be staff members, educators and adult learners.

Local stakeholders, including associated partners and media representatives will be involved in dissemination activities. Learners with fewer opportunities, particularly people in age 50+, unemployed, national minorities, migrants and refugees will be actively involved to the project activities, bringing their experience and competencies into the project. Learning and training activities will give the added value for them in terms of up-skilling, boosting their employment potential and enlargement of the intellectual horizons and creativity thanks to the mobility.

More than 100 people will be directly involved to this project and more than 1000 indirectly during dissemination activities (web-surfers engaged in social networks and in the reading/watching of partners websites and social media).

Partners decided during the project activities:
1) to develop the various ethnographic elements for screen print products using European traditions and cultures;
2) to learn traditional folk ornaments techniques in own and other European countries;
3) to learn new types of ornaments, new techniques, materials, methods and skills from each other.

There will be intangible results:
- acquisition of new competences for educators in the partner's organisations;
- exchange of experience among staff at international level;
- enhanced intercultural competences for the staff and learners;
- long life learning network of partners and other stakeholders involved to project at local, national and European level;
- increased EU project management competencies.

Tangible results will include
- E-Handbook with good practices for educators
- video about training;
- promotional materials (project logo, leaflet, press publications, information for social media, Facebook page, video for Youtube, etc.).

All participants will experience the recognition and improvement of their personal and interpersonal skills and their social competence. By the end of this project they will be able to demonstrate own competencies about producing unique screen-printing pieces with the inspiration and use of forgotten traditions.

The impact of the project activities will be strong to all involved. Revitalisation of forgotten traditions will bridge the past, present and future and connect different cultures and people. Staff members and adult learners will develop competencies to make own samples in screen printing. Participants of this project will obtain new experiences and knowledge about European countries, cultures and people. Universal language of art will help to build mutual understanding between partners, educators and learners, and between people in different ages and with different cultural and social backgrounds.

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This document has been produced with the assistance of the European Union. The contents of this document are the sole responsibility of the project partners and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union.

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