YouthToo project has been approved for financing by EACEA and Capacity Building for Youth Erasmus+ Programme. Project team will work on raising capacities and competences to work with young people in topic of gender and sexual violence in love/relationships of young people, trough the trainings for volunteers and youth workers.


Gender-based and dating violence among youth represents a joint challenge faced by all the European countries. Recent research revealed that one in three women living in EU countries have experienced some form of physical or sexual abuse since the age of 15. The broad range of risk factors that contribute to youth violence are addressed through many broader European policies, including those focusing on education, employment, health and well-being, social inclusion and human rights. Violence prevention is also a core foundation of achieving many key youth-focused policies including the EU Youth Strategy, Agenda 2020: the future of the Council of Europe Youth Policy, and the European Union's Youth in Action Programme. All of those policies cannot be implemented without meaningful participation of youth in all European countries.

Organisers and team

#YouthToo project is created and led by NGO „Prima“, non-profit organization which is dealing with youth issues, established 2010, by years-long experienced activists in civil youth sector.

Partners organisations:

Youth for Social Changes – Albania,
BRAVO – Bosnia and Herzegovina,
Association Walk Together - Bulgaria,
Eesti People to People – Estonia,
Hellenic Youth Participation – Greece,
MN International – Italy,
Volunteer Center Skopje – North Macedonia,
Association Red Line – Serbia,
Mladi Zmaji – Slovenia.

Project activities

Kick off meeting in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia (October 2019).
Mobility Training I: “Gender based and sexual violence in love-relationships of youngsters”, Bar, Montenegro (December 2019).
Mobility Training II: "Social Networks as a Tool for Online Campaign Prevention of Violence in Youth Love Relationships”, Greece, (March 2020).
Mobility Training III: "Short videos as a tool for on-line and off-line campaigns in order to prevent violence in youth relationships", Bosnia and Herzegovina (May 2020).
Mobility Study Visit: "Role of public and civic organization related to issue of violence in relationships of young people", Bulgaria (September 2020).
Final Evaluation Meeting, Podgorica or Bar, Montenegro (December 2020).

Capacity Building activities: professional video - social experiment, to be broadcasted by all partners, workshops at local level, on line campaign, web application in 11 languages a tool for raising awareness but also allows data collection about behaving of partners in term of violence. Results interpreted from the collected answers will be relevant source of gender-desegregated data for further social research and campaigns of partner organisations. Partners will present statistics on line as well as in suitable events, sharing the strikers to youth, creation and translation of manual for Gender based Violence.

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