Women in the Media

"Women in the Media (WOMED)" is Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnership project (agreement 2019-1-UK01-KA204-061673). Project started on September 1, 2019 and will finish on August 31, 2021.

Partners from seven organisations will work on few outputs. The first output will initially map the existing situation in relation to women in the film making sector of the creative industries and highlight areas of good practice. This will give a clearer picture of the current situation on women and employment opportunities in the film making sector. Attention will be also paid to the transferability potential of the results. This output is innovative as there has never been a mapping exercise specifically related to film making in Europe and the opportunities for women.

Following the mapping exercise the project will develop second output - a suite of on-line training materials specifically designed to help women understand the diverse nature of the cultural sector, what skills and jobs are needed and through digital training equip the woman with a selection of those skills. For example, the project will cover; a route to careers in video editing and writing and presenting for film, TV and radio.

The women will also have the opportunity to go onto then learn the fundamentals of visual storytelling, screenwriting, digital cinematography, and directing. This output focuses on the development of key competencies in Film and Media, which aims to promote women in this extremely demanding field. This output will include self-diagnostic tools which will be useful to design new education programs for women.

The project also wants to present a women?s point of view about their situation in society and how they interpret reality through the medium of modern media. It will be good opportunity to show outlook of women. This innovative training programme plans to engage women directly in voicing their experiences and dreams, and to give them real scenarios where they have to exercise independence. They will have the opportunity to participate in structured activity programmes such as; making a five minute film each, having to write the script, develop and communicate the artistic vision, direct the film, and edit the final version.

The project will develop third output - an Internet-based Platform to provide on-line support and interventions as they are a vital link in the horizon of integrated services for women in the creative industries to enhance their progress and their inclusion in this under-represented sector. The content of the Platform will support and promote the training programme for women. By developing a new Platform of access, information and multidisciplinary support a holistic support and training package for women can be achieved.

Partners will organise four transnational meetings during the project in UK, Czech Republic, France and Bulgaria.


The Filmworks Trust (UK)
EU15 Ltd (UK)
KARPOS (Greece)
Le LaBA (France)

"Women in the Media" training platform

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