Book of Business as a Bate – better adult trainin

“BoB as a Bate – better adult training” is Erasmus+ strategic partnership project (2019-2021) which aims to develop competence and good methods for adult trainers to motivate low skilled adults for stronger engagement in lifelong learning and to enhance their working lives opportunities through entrepreneurial skills. This will be achieved by using a newly developed tool, called the Book of Business or BoB. Coordinator of the project is “Step by step” from Iceland.

BoB has proved to be a useful training tool to change adults’ attitudes in a positive way to take active part in new learning process. It has been said to be a good motivating tool to enhance entrepreneurial thinking as well as to strengthen adults’ digital capacity and their self-confidence

The project is based on the fact that EU Member states are in a strong need to enhance their working force competence on all levels to ensure greater economic competitiveness and higher GDP. One of the best ways to do that is to increase number of people that are improving their capability through education.

The name of the project refers to bate, fishing and fun. The consortium will through this project, create “fishing” methods for adult trainers to help to hook more low skilled adults to make lifelong learning a reality and through that increase their competence to remain compatible and become a part of the labour market.

The goal is to develop and test a tool for adult trainers to use in adult training (focusing on low skilled adults): in entrepreneur thinking, social responsibilities, language competences and digital skills.

The tangible outputs are:
IO1. Adult 2 Adults. “Working with adults (with a focus on low skilled adults) in XX1 century” training module and online textbook are based on the best practice and methods for adult trainers.
IO2. BoB as a Bate. Online training modulus with good examples and short video based on BoB as the main tool to improve and enhance entrepreneurial mindset, competences of low skilled adults. The main themes of this output are:
IO3. BoB as a Bate 2: Motivating & Marketing marketing tools to motivate adults to adapt new know how and better skills by using BoB online.

The main target groups:

a) adult educators;
b) low skilled adults.

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