Improving the competencies of NGO educators for social inclusion

"Improving the competencies of NGO educators for social inclusion" (2021-2-LV01-KA210-ADU-000049299) is Erasmus+ strategic partnership project which was held between 01/03/2022 - 31/08/2023 in five non-governmental organisations from European Union countries: Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Italy and Sweden. The approved funding of this project is 60000 EUR.


1) to strengthen the partners' capacity as the NGOs by providing a network with educators who have gained access to international non-formal adult education programs;

2) to promote the partners' NGO network member organizations' educators' inclusion in local and international training activities, thus actively strengthening the European dimension.

Planned results

1) increased quality of the partners' (NGO network's) work and methods by attracting trained educators, incl. those with fewer opportunities;

2) developed capacity of the partners' (NGO network's) inexperienced member organizations for operating at the international level and in the field related to the objectives of these organisations;

3) increased the knowledge of the partners' (NGO network's) inexperienced member organizations' educators about social inclusion, gender equality, innovations, the digital environment and advocacy, based on the common needs;

4) promoted changes in the understanding and experience of the partners' own (NGO network's) less experienced member organizations' educators (incl. those with limited opportunities), by ensuring their participation in local and international training and educational events.

Target group

NGO educators from the partner organizations' networks: staff, experts, volunteers (lecturers, consultants, moderators, etc.)

NGO educators are of different ages, different nationalities, both genders, immigrants, people with disabilities, low-income workers, seniors, with low education level, from country-side, parents of the large family, etc.

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