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“EyoUth-Day” – comprehensive non-formal learning for the future’s European youth citizens" project is part of

'Youth in Action' Programme

Youth support systems

Action 4.5

Support to information activities for young people and

those active in youth work and youth organisations

Objectives of the project

The main objective of “EyoUth-Day” project is to share good practices among partners (youth organizations) for training about comprehensive approach in global problems. First, to use media and civic knowledge to be sensitive European citizen. Second, to teach youths in participating schools to be tolerant to each other and to enhance anti-bias approach in schools. Third, to organize a new international day “EyoUth-Day” in schools about the following modules: Europian citizenship, anti-bias, sustainable development, media literacy and these modules will shape to a non-formal experimental education frame according to EU preferences. Fourth, to create a training tree: offer the training for one youth organization per country, and share this knowledge with 20 EyoUth trainer per country who teach pupils with fewer opportunities. Fifth, to collect good practices from partner countries and implement it in the training material and to disseminate the new methodology as wide as possible.

Activities foreseen

There are four major activities in the project. First, partner youth organizations meet and start to develop a new comprehensive training material that can be used in each country. Second, each participant organization delegates main trainers who will learn this non-formal educational training. Third, each organization will provide this training to the representatives (EyoUth trainers) of 20 EyoUth trainers in the country. And fourth, these EyoUth trainers will organize a day and this will be “EyoUth-Day” every year.

Number of participants

10 school/ country, 20 EyoUth trainer/country, 200 pupils / school, 2000 pupils/ country, 8000 pupils/all together


Hungary, Bulgaria, Estonia and Romania

Concise description of the outputs

The “EyoUth-Day” project will develop six main products (results). The first is a set of methodological tools used by the participating organizations – and/or adapted from organizations outside the project network – working on sustainable development, cultural diversity, media literacy and European citizenship in youth as well as guidance on how to use them. The second is a complex training material that includes all of the relevant tools shared by the participating organizations. The third is a network of 8000 young people who will share the experience of being trained on the method with many other peers worldwide. The fourth is photos, reports of the participants. Fifth is a film of the local training in each country (when main trainers hold trainer’s training).

Dissemination strategy

The project will assure great distribution of information. On the main website of the project and in each participating school’s website it will be announced. Regarding the project results, according to the dissemination strategy it will appear in: national newspapers, local newspapers, national TV channels and other locations according to the potential of the head organization.

Envisaged impact

Once these objectives are achieved, the products developed and the trainings disseminated, youth trainers and EyoUth trainers will be able to use the learnt complex methodology tools creatively. As a result, we envision that the number of programs addressing social inclusion and the civil responsibility in youth will grow at the same rate as the percentage of youth participates in the local “EyoUth-Days”. This day will become a tradition and makes other schools be involved. An international and national school-network will be created to help the schools carry out youth exchange between the partner countries in any other EU projects.

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