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Welcome to the project:

Support for Civil Society and Equality in Baltic

"Support for Civil Society and Equality in Baltic" (2014-2016) is project of Nordic Council of Ministers´ Support Program for Non-Governmental Organisations in the Baltic Sea Region.
The coordinator is Women Rights Institute of Latvia in partnership with 7 nongovernmental organisations in 7 countries of the Baltic Sea Region.

The project aims to support the promotion of democracy, gender equality and influence of civic society through co-operation between NGOs. To reach the set of goals by realisation 7 activities partners of the project organise 10 workshops, 8 seminars and 1 conference with participation of 718 leaders and volunteers of NGOs, including 42 NGO experts, they use the website of the project and collect and distribute brochure of the proposals and 2 booklets of the activities in 8 countries (3200 copies). Implementation of the project is provided by 10 administrative employees of the partners.


    Women Rights Institute, Latvia

    European Anti-Poverty Network, Latvia

    Women’s Union of the Kaliningrad Region, Russia

    Eesti People to People, Estonia

Lithuanian Multiple Sclerosis Union, Lithuania

    Stowarzyszenie Vesuvio, Poland

Humana People to People, Norway

Alliance-Russian-speaking Youth Organisation of Helsinki, Finland

    Sverigefinska folkhögskolan, Sweden

More about the project:

Contacts:                     Kärberi 33-76, 13919 Tallinn, Estonia                    tel:  +372 6 355 697                    e-mail:                   
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