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From 5th -9th Septembber 2013, two participants from Eesti People to People took part in the feasibility visit "Creating peace together: sharing learning, implementing" held in Kutna Hora, in Czech Republic. The feasibility visit was hosted by "Youth Included" NGO with the help of the Youth in Action Programme by the European Commission. More than 20 NGO's representatives from 9 countries working in peace promotion and peace education gathered together to discuss the issue of peace in Europe and neighboring countries. The participants shared their best practices for peace education of youth, and reflected on the possibilities of peace development and future co-operation. Thanks to the great working atmosphere, active participation and engagement in the topic, several project proposals were developed during this event. We are grateful to the organising team for the considerable effort and we hope that our future co-operation will make a change in our communities and in the world.

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