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“3C in youth work: Creative thinking - efficient Communication - active Citizenship”

Project summary

"3C in youth work: Creative thinking - efficient Communication - active Citizenship" training course aims to develop creative thinking and communication skills of young people and youth workers who will be multipliers with aim to increase awareness on active citizenship and intercultural dialogue while working in multicultural contexts in youth organisations and in local communities.

"3C" training course is designed in partnership between Estonian and Armenian organisations to underline the experiential learning approach as a tool for non-formal education: the participants, by taking part in different project activities will work on efficient communication, analyzing attitude, behaviors and the emotional aspects of the interpersonal relations, solving problems and creating youth activities as creative entrepreneurs and active citizens.

This seven-days training course between September 22-28, 2013 in Tsahkadzor (Armenia). will bring together 24 young people and youth workers from 12 EU and EU neighboring countries, also 3 trainers and one facilitator from Estonia and Armenia. Through a cooperative approach, the training course will give a better understanding of the complexities of creative thinking, efficient communication and active citizenship and will underline the importance of all these competence, expanding in this way the mutual understanding. As outcome, the participants will get new approaches and tools based of the 3C to concretely act as creative entrepreneurs and active citizens in their local context.

The main themes of the project are:

- creative thinking and entrepreneurship;
- effective and nonviolent communication,
- active citizenship,
- group dynamics,
- mutual understanding in the intercultural environment,
- partnership building for the cooperation in future.

The main objectives are that by the end of this training course participants will:
* have awareness about creative thinking, efficient communication and active citizenship;
* have skills to apply for all 3C in their daily life and in youth work;
* become multipliers of creative thinking, efficient communication and active citizenship.

The training course program include team building activities, presentations, individual and group work, plenary, workshops, World cafe, Open Space Technologies and Fair of creative ideas, study visits to the local government, Ombudsman office and Council of Europe office in Yerevan. All participants will have chance to work on YouthPass and learn more about Youth in Action Programme.

Training course will apply the best methods of non-formal education in Europe. Trainers will use many tools from "Compass" and also will create few games and activities specially for this training course based on own academic background and experience in Youth in Action Programme.

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