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Youth in Action Programme, Sub-action 1.1

The project „Sharing the best we´ve got“ proposed an exchange of youths and elder people comming from countries sharing different attitudes towards culture, food, travelling, religion, stereotypes and work aspirations in order to improve intergerneration dialogue and present the creative youth ideas on eneterpreneurship. It was a multilateral meeting between partners from Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia and Malta which took place in Riga, Latvia. The training lasted for 7 days and involved 37 participants.

The main objective of this project was the improvement of mutual understanding among two different generations and moreover the sharing of good practices on the working environment and enterpreneurship. All youths have presented their national habits, lifestyle and attitudes in order to find out the mutual understanding betwen them and elder people. The objectives reached were in compliance with the core values of the European Union, since it enhances the multicultural and intergenarational dialogue as well as the sharing of best practices. It has also exposed the participants to understand why these habits are different, what made them different and why on further analysis we discovered that underlying each habit there are common ground work.

The implemented activities and the methods applied:

• 1st day – icebreaking sessions
• 2nd day – topic of the day: Society - I am living and working in
• 3rd day – topic of the day: Racism - antidiscrimination - being blind and intolerant
• 4th day – topic of the day: Political issues and impact on the youth life
• 5th day – topic of the day: Religion, its values and its impact on everyday life and work
• 6th day – topic of the day: Prejudices and stereotypes
• 7th day – topic of the day: Work experiences, business ethics and relationships at workplace

Applied methods: energizer, social roles, workshop, feedback questionnaire.

YouTube videos:

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E-book generation

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Music as generation gap

Baby birth as generation conflict

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